Well f**k.

So, what started promisingly has suddenly come to a screeching halt. I have nothing to hate on this week, nothing major anyway. There have been plenty of minor annoyances, someone trying to convince me that HS2 is good value for money (I’m still in favour of spending that money to actually animate a train a la Thomas), a really annoying guy in a cab back from Risa who kept trying to act like a proper norty geezer despite looking like a heroin addict on an extreme diet of cheap vodka and skittles, and of course the ever present spectre of my crippling self doubt/girl issues/general failure at being attractive in any way. 

But back to the point, though my mind originally assured me that I’d be capable of reeling off week after week of sanctimonious speeches like Martin Luther King on an ego trip, that hope has taken a bit of a tumble leading to this rather insincere and definitely not at all poorly written confession. I have nothing to blog. 

Or maybe this is a sign, maybe I’m softening up, maybe, just maybe, I can’t hate anymore. It seems an extreme proposition, but there is a gnawing worry in the back of my mind that either I’m more accepting or the world is getting less shitty. But of course, we all know that that just isn’t true. 

Immigrants trying to make their way from Niger to Algeria were found dead in the sandy wastes of the Sahara desert this week, nigh on 100 people who were possibly trafficked to their deaths by people preying on their hopes to make a quick buck. That’s dark. No matter how chirpy your outlook on life is, you can’t smile in the face of our stream of unrelenting, depressing news. Every day we’re faced with an ever mounting pile of rapes and murders, devastating facts about child poverty rates, stupid people on both sides of the Atlantic doing stupid things, and as always, Miley Cyrus being all over the place like *unspeakable words that may summon Cthulhu if uttered*.

I intended this to be some kind of “story of the week” deal, pick out a news story or cultural issue and rave on about how awful it is before retreating to my man cave of comic books and fantasising about stage diving at Glastonbury with my Gibson trailing behind me. But that relies on the premise that I keep up with the news, which these days I most definitely do not. Apart from that horrific story there’s been little to grab my attention, and I fear that’s because we’ve become so desensitised to bad news that it has no effect any more. We should be in a society that’s amazed by atrocities committed by our fellow men, but conversely we’re living in a world that accepts its faults as the norm and only makes a deal out of exceptionally good acts, and that’s wrong on any level.

I don’t want to wake up to bad news every morning, I don’t want to open the Guardian app while I’m taking my morning dump to read stories about babies being abandoned to die by their mothers and pizza delivery men being stabbed to death for no reason, but the sad truth is that we’ve all become too used to it. So just like last week was a sweeping hate statement directed at the whole world, well, so is this one really. Sorry. However, if anyone is aware of any horrible horrible things occurring, or wishes to share their hatred of anything at all, please read, comment, share, send me a topless snapchat, anything, and I will gladly join in. 

This post turned out to be a bit of a downer, like the last one, and whether that’s a result of our shitty world or my highly likely undiagnosed depression makes no difference, I’m not here to sugar coat the truth because I’d probably accidentally eat it. Normal service, which has yet to start, will attempt to resume next week, the topic likely being my increasing frustration at my inability to ever be able to try my moves on the girl who plays Skye in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (also how disappointed I am with it so far). Thanks for reading, if you have been reading, and once again sorry for the slow pick up of what I assure you will be a future nominee for a Pulitzer, or a Nobel Literature prize, or whatever the hell it is that wordpress blogs win.

XOXO, The Angry Indian. 


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